Earl Abrahams


  1. Monday Photo Moments

    24 Apr 2017
    Here are a few shots I captured on Sea Point Promenade tonight.

  2. Creators Mashup: Spoken Portraits Part 1

    19 Jan 2017
    What an amazing experience it was to connect with creatives at the Creators Mashup held at Unknown Union on Saturday (14 January 2016). I had the privilege to engage and pick some of their brains, to gather their thoughts surrounding the Cape Town Creative Scene (CTCS) The question/s asked was…

  3. Powerslide

    07 Jan 2017
    Powerslide is a company based in Germany that specialises in Inline skating equipment (http://www.powerslide.com/en/company/our-company) I was responsible for conducting a product shoots for their new line of Doop Skates and capturing action shots for their newly release Undercover Wheels series. I also managed their Doop social media platforms and website:…

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