Redefinition is the title of a triptych, currently on show with BKHZ gallery, as part of their Habitat online group exhibition

These images were all captured in familiar spaces during lockdown. Armed with my camera as a paint brush, it gave me the lenses to look at my space differently; through which to view my habitat as a world to be discovered. 

Photograph on Illford Fine Art Texture Silk 270gsm

Edition size 3+2AP

Edition size 1/3

420mm x 594mm

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Redefinition Collab

As an extension to my work on show, I’m honoured to be collaborating with poet Toni Giselle Stuart, and Flexpressionist and dancer, SEEFLêHX the ART1ST (aka Conway October). They’ll both be responding to my work through their own artistic expression and practice. And in this way, bringing their own interpretations to the theme Redefinition. 

I’ll be sharing their process through various instagram posts and will also be sharing here.

The premiere of final piece will be announced early next month! I’m really looking forward to what could transpire from this collaboration.

Toni Giselle Stuart 


Click here to find out more about Toni


Flexpressionist & Dancer

Click here to find out more about Conway


As part of the Redefinition Collab Toni & SEEFLêHX the ART1ST, have been kind enough to share some of their thoughts and questions in their process of engaging with my work. Toni and Conway’s process is shared in written and voice format, and serves as a form of journal entries in preparation for their final responsive piece.

Have a listen as they vulnerably share their experiences through engaging with my images, and begin to unpack their understanding of Redefinition.





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