What makes a good/great brand ambassador?

My fallow range-finder enthusiasts (Paul Choy and Tim Moolman) were kind enough to share their thoughts surrounding what they think makes a good/great brand ambassador. Have a little read and make sure to checkout their amazing work via their platforms!

Paul Choy - Fujifilm X-Photographer





Answer: Authenticity
In a world of the youtube stats and instagram famous, the word “influencer” has become synonymous with endorsing the products of which brands happen to reach out, regardless of whether the influencer actually uses or believes in those products.
Whereas a brand  ambassador is (or should be) different. A brand ambassador is someone who represents what the products are capable of. In the case of the X-Photographers, we all use Fujifilm products because we genuinely believe in them. When we speak about the products, we speak with authenticity, because we were often using them for many years before becoming a brand ambassador.
To me, that authenticity is the difference between a brand ambassador and an “influencer”.

Tim Moolman: Fujifilm X-Photographer 





I feel that a photographic brand ambassador should represent said brand with dignity and respect for others. They should always offer their opinion in a humble and kind manner, never belittling others while explaining how their choice of gear benefits them personally. It says a lot about the photographer if they have bought into the brand before becoming an ambassador. This proves that they’re using it for the right reasons, ie it benefits their craft, as opposed to someone that simply receives free gear and therefore promotes it under obligation.

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