Earl Abrahams


  1. The Restitution Foundation

    07 Jan 2017
    The Restitution Foundation is a Cape Town based non-profit organisation that promotes socio-economic justice, healing and reconciliation through restitution. (http://restitution.org.za/) I captured portraits at their annual Restitution conference. Each portrait captured also featured the participant personal quote of what restitution means to them. There portraits were then featured throughout the…

  2. Prints for Sale

    26 Dec 2016
    The photographs depicted in this series was captured during exploring the city of Cape Town Each photograph featured is printed in Size A2.  A limited edition of 10 prints will be available per photograph.  Contact me on abrahams.earl1@gmail.com to secure your purchase. Once the 10 print are sold per image,…

  3. Moments #1

    08 Dec 2016
    I captured these 2 images early October 2016. It was completely by chance that I court them… but I guess that’s the beauty of photography and capturing a moment/s that in essence can never be repeated or framed in the same way again!

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