Earl Abrahams

Earl Abrahams, a Johannesburg based photographer & videography who was raised on the Cape Flats in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa.

With his background in the Social Development/NPO sector as a programme coordinator and project manager; facilitating and coordinating youth development/youth employment programs and managing on-the-ground community projects. This experience in the Social Development/NPO sector has significantly contributed to the way he sees, experiences and captures the world through his Lens and has set Earl on a journey toward becoming an artist.

Earl’s desire is to explore themes surrounding identity, spacial and racial segregation which can be seen in his collaborations such as: ‘Routes,’ ‘Spoken Portraits’ and his photographic body of work titled ‘Coloured In’ which was completed for a residency at Amplify Studio, in Cape Town; his mission to contribute to conversation that bring about moments of reflection and changes in our society and world.

According to Earl, photography and videography should be concerned with sharing stories, experiences and possibly giving life/voice to those that might not have the platform. A single image can initiate conversation that could impact the life of the subject as well as that of the viewer consuming the image.

Beyond photographic and artistic work, Earl has organically graduated into consulting, with the specific focus in human centered online content creation & strategy, equipping various brands and organizations with the tools to create consistent and engaging content that communicates
with the user/customer in a real and meaningful way.

Earl has also had the privilege of working with various organizations, brands, companies, namely:
Bokeh Fashion Film Festival
Creative Nestlings
Cape Craft & Design Institute
Elle South Africa
Fujifilm South Africa
Huawei South Africa
Rude Boy Collective
Grey Advertising Africa
UCT, etc.

For enquiries, please contact:

Contact number: +27 82 920 4116

Email: abrahams.earl1@gmail.com

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