On Thursday, 26 March 2020, when President Cyril Ramaphosa pronounced on the State of Disaster and the National Lock down, it catapulted me into an immediate state of anxiety and uncertainty. 

As a Freelance Photographer / Videographer, my livelihood is dependent on agencies, production companies, corporates etc. to secure my services in order to sustain myself.  The lock down impacted everyone and necessitated businesses to reorganise, including me, since everyone was postponing and canceling shoots due to the lock down, I had to think of options to bring some positivity to my dire situation.

Photography became my place of solace. It gave me an outlet in which to express my emotions and created a space for me to escape my reality. This space of redefinition instilled me with purpose and served as a compass during these dark times. It prompted me to turn the lens inwards; to ask the hard and uncomfortable questions that I’ve been avoiding and allowed me to pen my thoughts, like a daily journal entry.

I’m constantly amazed at how so many possibilities can be created from challenging times and experiences. In the words of Anton Chekhov “If you want to work on your art, work on your life”. This Lock down period has given me a moment to do curious, soul searching work on my life, to work on my art and to experience my art, which gave birth to this series.

I present to you my redefinition of Lock down through the selected journal entries below.


Each photograph featured is printed on Size A2 Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm. An edition of 5 prints will be available per photograph/image feature in the series. Once the edition of 5 prints are sold per image, it will no longer be available.


Below are the available prints

Unframed- R2 500,00 

Framed - R3 500,00

Price includes delivery (Local deliveries only)

Please email me with regards to any international shipping orders


How to order:

  • Email me (abrahams.earl1@gmail.com) and choose your images/s
  • I’ll forward your invoice
  • Once I’ve received your payment, I’ll make sure to have your order ready for delivery
  • I accept payments via EFT only during this period

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