Earl Abrahams

#SpokenPortraits is a project driven by my desire to share peoples stories, and an opportunity to embrace all diversity that exists around us.

I start by asking a simple question - ‘Who are you / ‘Wie is jy? / Ungubani? / O mang?’ etc, and allow the person to freely express and share whatever they want to, in a language of their choice. The person’s response to the question is then synced with a portrait captured - thus creating a spoken portrait.

The beauty of listening with your eyes, then engaging one’s ears and lastly your words allows for a muting of our desire for instant gratification. In a sense, all we can do in response is exactly that, engage, open ourselves up to merely receiving without the ability to offer opinion or criticism - a characteristic we within the scope of social media have grown less accustomed in doing.

So far I’ve created over 150 #SpokenPortraits focusing on various questions such as:

Who are you?

Why coffee?
What does creativity mean to you?

Why to you shoot?

Follow the link below to view/listen to more #SpokenPortraits:

Who are you?

Why Coffee?

What does creativity mean to you?

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